Getting Started

So, my wife and I are going through quite the transition right now. Lots of moving parts for us both, lots of distance between us both, lots of goals in progress, and a baby on the way (I really hope the three people who are reading this won’t spill the beans early). I figured that I would write about some of these things as they were happening because I don’t want the finer details of this stuff to slip away as we get older, plus it gives me an excuse to give opinions about whatever I want along the way (without character restrictions or any real sense of restraint). I swear I will try to add content regularly this time. With that said, welcome, and I hope you enjoy.

Twitter: @shawnintheflesh and @rachel92lauren

Instagram: @shawnintheflesh and @rachel92lauren

Snapchat: @shawnintheflesh and Rachel literally never uses that thing. But @rachel92lauren.


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